My Guess on what Presidential Election Turnout Levels in Georgia Mean

I agree with a Dem operative who said, “do you think all those people breaking midterm voting records in Georgia are voting because they are upset about inflation?”

No, I don’t.

A Republican pal said we will be lucky to get the men to the polls.  They will look up from the TV and realize its too late to go vote, he said.

My guess is that it’s a replay of Kansas, where 150,000 new voters showed up at a statewide referendum on abortion and voted ‘No,’ changing the referendum results to ‘No.’

It is also worth noting the recent AP story about how the Georgia GOP is working to persuade Trump voters to actually go and vote, making it more likely it is a Dem turnout spike — since the GOP is trying to get Georgia’s Trump supporters to vote.

(The GOP in the AP story said that more than 300,000 GOP votes in Georgia did not materialize in the last 2020 run-off election, and they are trying to prevent that from happening again.)

Time will tell — about two or three weeks to go.

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