Moore: The return of lockdown lunacy

From The Hill:

recent survey by Gallup finds that less than half of Americans say they are “very likely” to comply with shutdown orders. The country could turn into a police state to enforce the mandates to cancel economic activities and demands that citizens stay home. What makes all of this talk about massive shutdowns so disturbing is that there is very little evidence that lockdowns slow the spread of the coronavirus. Even the World Health Organization concedes that such orders cannot curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The Committee to Unleash Prosperity has been tracking developments across the country since early spring. The states were divided into five categories, from the strictest lockdowns to states with no lockdowns at all. The evidence shows us that lockdowns are not associated with lower death rates or lower hospitalizations. In fact, the evidence is in the other direction as states with the most stringent lockdowns, like New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, have had the highest death rates.

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