Moore: Democrats will pay price for hurting the economy in the election

Moore, in The Hill:

At some point, we will move past the health scare of the coronavirus, and Americans will be surprised and horrified by the severe damage we have inflicted on our society. The polls show that most Americans support the lockdown now. Voters continue to have great fears about this pandemic and have lesser concerns about the economy. But Scott Rasmussen and others are finding these numbers shifting toward the direction of a safe opening of our society and our economy with each passing day.

Democrats have defined themselves as the shutdown party and, in the short term, that has served them well. The lockdown governors such as Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan have lofty approval ratings. The Republican governors who have opened up their states are less popular. Government power and restrictions have been popular during this time of crisis. This is what liberals believe in.

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