Mills: Multiple Iranian Truck-Mounted Katyusha Rocket Attacks Against American Bases in Iraq go Unanswered

By Cory Mills:

Iranian leaders hoping to seize on the United States military engagement in the coronavirus pandemic have been dealt another hard dose of reality: America’s military remains well prepared to defend our nation, both here and abroad. U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper acknowledged this week that the virus, over time, may have “some impact on readiness,” but will not affect our ability to conduct our national security missions.

We’re reminded — yet again — that the men and women of our armed forces are further strengthened in times of crisis, and in times of political turmoil.

One of the most recent Iranian-backed militia’s truck-mounted Katyusha rocket attacks on U.S. bases in Iraq happened as the U.S. Senate was voting whether or not to impeach President Trump. The virtually non-existent news coverage of that attack in the U.S. assured Iran that the United States would not respond.

The Iranian rocket attack went unanswered.

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