Millions of years of learned human behavior, not Trump’s tweets, are about to overwhelm the state lockdowns

Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal:

The coronavirus lockdown model is about to collapse beneath its own weight, undermined by politics, confusion about the virus itself, and the basics of human nature.

….As to the virus itself, it’s impossible to keep regarding it as an unstoppable daily plague. It has to become something we can grasp.

The most persuasive argument for the lockdowns, made by Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx from day one, was flattening the curve to avoid collapsing the hospital system. Americans by the millions acceded to that suppression strategy and accomplished its goal: Hospital capacity is returning in most major cities. Capacity in other locked-down states never became an issue.

…With or without official permission, with or without New York and California, the American people are going to self-release from their coronavirus isolation and get back to business.

These aren’t Trumpian mobs. It is not the rise of anti-science. It is humanity re-establishing social equilibrium. For that, we don’t need instruction.

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