McCullough: It’s Time to Shame the COVID-19 Liars

From Townhall:

These New Outbreaks Doom Us. – It is one of the more prevailing messaging points currently. “These spikes are as bad as the original wave.” This is the rationale that they use to reverse the restarts. Gavin Newsom is literally toying with his own residents in California as though they are game pieces. Shutting down most other eateries while specifically allowing his personal favorite to stay open. Allowing counties to already declare that they need to return to at-home learning for the entire 2020-2021 school year. Yet if these outbreaks are evidence of a mass problem why do our numbers not even qualify as technically “epidemic” status any longer? And for those who are being diagnosed doesn’t the fact that we have Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesvir, blood plasma and anti-cholesterols being prescribed with great effectiveness mean something?

“The Outbreak in Texas Is Like New York’s.” – Seemingly every source you turn to the worry expressed about the COVID spike in Texas is discussed in somber tones as though nothing like it has ever been seen. After all 10 to 15 percent of their testing is coming back positive. In almost every story there’s a mention of a hospital somewhere that may soon run out of “capacity.” They also make mention that the death rate has eclipsed its own “high” at least twice in the last couple of weeks at some point. This week they hit the number of 130 dead in a single day. I’m not sure if we are losing track of the fact that people die every day in this nation from all sorts of causes but when you dig deeper you discover that Texas has roughly 542 people die every day from all kinds of causes. Given the fact that 130 died and had COVID-19 in their system (which is still the standard by which the number is counted), this should not strike us as panic-worthy.

The Scandal of Wrongful Attribution Worsens – I started getting word from sources on complete opposite ends of the spectrum late Friday night. In possibly as many as a dozen states, positive antibody tests are being included in said state’s new COVID case numbers. And as one NYC-based physician posted “this is the medical equivalent of double-dipping.” Yes, the positive antibody result indicates the person had COVID-19 at some point. But they also can immediately be counted as fully recovered, and should not be considered a presently confirmed case.

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