Updated List and Graph of the Dominant Covid Variants Infecting Americans, by Percent

AY.103 is the new dominant Covid variant infecting 21% of Americans.

Here’s the latest list from Outbreak.info:

AY.103 – 21%

Multiple Variants at less than 3% infection rate – 21%

AY.44 – 16%

AY.25 – 15%

AY.3 – 11%

B.1.617.2 – 7%

AY.119 – 4%

AY.39 – 3%

AY.100 -2%

Note from Outbreak.info: For all sequencing data, there is a lag between when the sample was acquired from the patient when the sample was processed and sequenced, and when the data is released to the public. This gap means that the most recent data often contains very few samples, severely limiting its reliability.

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