Just for the Record, Months Ago, I Wrote the GOP should Forsake The Seditious Bastard

In early September of this year, I wrote the GOP should forsake The Seditious Bastard.  If not, I specifically said there would be “a Very High Political Price that Will be Paid by the GOP:”

The pain and suffering at the polls for the GOP will be epic.

Too bad they can’t understand or see what is coming, or why.

Some lessons must be learned the hard way.

And the GOP House leadership will have that lesson visited upon them as if it was handed down by God himself.

Guess what?

The GOP did not forsake The Seditious Bastard, and now he has and will continuously humiliate and embarrass the GOP, and it will keep happening, over and over and over again.

It is about to happen again today when The Seditious Bastard’s candidate Walker loses in Georgia.

One GOP operative said as soon as The Seditious Bastard is indicted, the cowards in the GOP who want to forsake The Seditious Bastard will use the indictment as an excuse to do just that — but I am not convinced.

When do cowards grow a backbone?

What makes anyone think the Special Prosecutor will indict The Seditious Bastard?

It’s not a done deal, not by a long shot.

And the endless delays in indicting The Seditious Bastard — if it happens — are justice denied.

But it would be for the good of the country if the cowardly GOP had some backbone infused into them by the very two men, the Attorney General and President Biden, who some in the GOP keep saying they want to impeach.

Of course, the GOP silence could be construed, as it obviously has, by a politically significant percentage of the GOP and independents, that the reason the GOP doesn’t push back on The Seditious Bastard when he says things like we need to rip up the Constitution is that the GOP elected officials agree with The Seditious Bastard.

Not surprisingly, some voters think silence equals acquiescence.

I’ve heard conservatives, independents, and some liberals say the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are Divinely inspired documents.   If true, exactly how does God view The Seditious Bastard and his call to rip up the U.S. Constitution?

And what is the difference between Russia’s Putin, China’s Xi, or North Korea’s Kim Jung-un and The Seditious Bastard saying it?

Maybe Biden and the Attorney General don’t indict just to keep the Seditious Bastard millstone around the GOP’s neck, since the GOP are such cowards about standing up to The Seditious Bastard.

Or maybe The Seditious Bastard will be indicted, so the trial is a source of endless embarrassment and humiliation for the GOP.

Or maybe the AG will leave the ongoing embarrassment of The Seditious Bastard and the silent GOP to the State trials.

But if the State trials continue through the primary, then State courts are already conducting their trials during the primary, so what difference does it make if the Feds do it too?

The only thing we know for sure is the Attorney General decided not to indict The Seditious Bastard, and punted the decision to delay it, while keeping the final indict or not decision, in the AG’s hands.

In the meantime, the humiliation and embarrassment of the GOP by The Seditious Bastard continue, steadily.

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