It is Perfectly Reasonable Not to Promise to Endorse Trump if he Wins the GOP Nomination

Trump refuses to promise that he will endorse the winner of the GOP nomination if it is not him.

It is a move to put him in the center of the loser’s circle, to make demands and concessions so that he will back the GOP candidate, demands that the GOP will cave into.

These demands will likely hurt the GOP in the general election since Trump’s primary demand will revolve around getting attention for himself.

Other candidates are catching on — and they should do the same thing Trump is doing and refuse to promise to endorse Trump if he wins the nomination — to do otherwise makes the other candidates weak and naive, which is one of the main points about why Trump refuses to endorse the GOP nominee if it’s not him.

Trump is trying to make everyone else look weak — you have to endorse me if I win, but I will not promise to endorse you if you win — you are weak, why should anyone vote for you if I’m not going to endorse you?

The answer to this latest provocation by Trump, of course, is to refuse to promise to endorse Trump if he wins the nomination.

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