It Does Not Matter that soon-to-be Speaker McCarthy Moved the Motion to Vacate Trigger to One Member of Congress

Assuming McCarthy has a steady-state, pretty consistent four NOs for him as Speaker, then it does not really matter that he went down to 1 vote for the motion to vacate.


Because McCarthy’s opponents, in theory, need five GOP votes to bounce McCarthy from the Speakership, if the Dems vote with the five, then there are 218 to make McCarthy vacate the chair.

So, moving it to one Member of Congress does not make a material difference since there are four never-Kevin votes just, more or less, waiting for the fifth vote, and a good enough reason that the Dems would join them.

P.S. The vote was 216 Republicans for McCarthy, 212 Dems for Jefferies, and 6 Republicans voted Present.   It is these six, plus any other wild card GOP House Member that could, if the conditions are right, join with the Democratic Minority to vote for Speaker McCarthy to vacate the chair.   These are two more votes than I thought (above) made up the hard core anti-McCarthy faction.

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