I was wrong, It’s Not Going to be Lambda, It’s Going to be MU

About five weeks ago, I wrote that I thought that about now, mid-Sept., we’d be in the throws of the vaccine-resistant variant Lambda being the dominant Covid virus infecting the most Americans.

I think my timing is off by about a month.

And it won’t be Lambda, it will be MU.

I expect the beginning of October through to the end of October, MU will be gaining and becoming the King of the Covid Hill, displacing Delta.

By November and December MU will be the dominant Covid variant in the United States.  Since it is more infectious than Alpha and there is no vaccine for MU, many people will become infected, if MU is vaccine-resistant.

Since there is no vaccine, the only immunity to be had will be through infection, at least until a vaccine is made and distributed, which, at the absolute minimum, is now a 90-day process.

For those thinking (somehow) that the unvaccinated are the cause of the MU soon-to-be coming to a neighborhood near you,  please read this.

And since there is no vaccine for MU yet, the part where everyone talks about being vaccinated, obviously, will have to wait.

Until then, as I said, the only immunity to MU will be through infection.

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