I am so sick of our so-called leaders and politicians risking the fate of the nation on their pride

The former president, who shredded the consensus and a great treasure of faith in our elections, attempted to force Vice President Pence to decertify key states in order for himself to win, all because he could not stomach losing.

Hillary Clinton, who lost to Trump, did the ‘I lost because he/she/it/the Russians’ cheated, simply put, she blamed the Russians for her loss, all because she could not stomach losing.

Now, Senator McConnell, risking the full faith and credit of the United States government because he opposes what the Democrats are doing with their victory in the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and White House.

How about a little humility and a little less pride?

Elections matter and the Dems won.

How about not risking the nation’s future on bizarre and intensely radical policy and political ideas that few agree with and have zero chance of succeeding but will fuel the great divide gripping the United States?

How about doing things that reduce the consensus view that great political instability has gripped the United States?

How about Senators and U.S. Representatives ask themselves am I going to increase political instability or decrease it before embracing intensely radical ideas that will bring more instability?

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