Dan Perrin: How the Main Stream Media Provided Two Keys to Trump’s Victory

By Dan Perrin

The brilliance of the Trump campaign and his natural genius regarding political operations and political game theory should not in any way be diminished by this analysis.

In fact, it should be enhanced, since I strongly believe that President Elect Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he repeatedly would provoke the MSM into their permanent state-of-shrillness prior to his election. They believed their own propaganda to the point they would produce stories that reinforced their own arrogance and dismissive attitudes towards Trump and his voters.

This perma-shrillness was an emotional and psychological state of the owners, producers and on-air talent of the MSM that blinded them to their two greatest accomplishments for the Trump campaign.

First, the MSM hardened Trump’s voters into granite. They did this by producing sympathy for Trump by endless, ad hominem and unfair attacks, revealing themselves to be irrational partisans that voters saw through. Their attacks on Trump supporters drove a statistically significant number of female voters to lie to pollsters rather than admit they were voting for Trump. For this, the MSM are directly and solely responsible.

Even the elite GOP inside-the-beltway was infected with the perma-shrill MSM psychosis, which sold it even more to the MSM. The MSM elite pointed to the GOP elite discomfort as yet another indication and another reason the MSM were correct about everything they said about Trump.

But the MSM were simply pointing out other people who followed and believed the MSM (or wanted to curry favor to gain exposure) but who were, in fact, weak-minded people who were influenced the rants and groupthink of the perma-shrill MSM.

(The liberal’s intolerance of dissent also worked in Trump’s favor. They simply cannot condone alternative analysis. They are too insecure, while simultaneously being prideful. This condition of being prideful and insecure is tough to pull off, but they did.)

Second, the MSM succeeded in suppressing the black vote for Hillary. The MSM accomplished this by declaring Trump could not win, ever. If she was going to win anyway, why should we vote? And in key cities like Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit and Madison nowhere near enough blacks turned out.

The pride and arrogance of the MSM have blinded them to these facts.

There over assessment of their own importance moves them to act and believe even more delusional things about their own importance — see them beat their chests about why fighting Trump can never stop because he is different.

Of course, President-Elect Trump is different.

He provoked the MSM into hardening his voters and convincing the allies and voters of Hillary Clinton to stay home, all while exposing the mainstream media nationally and internationally as shrill propagandists who not only provided the keys to Trump’s victory but also did it all while heaping scorn and discredit upon themselves.

In order for the MSM not to be shrill propagandists, they will have to fire most of their senior leadership. And like the Democrats who re-elected Minority Leader Pelosi, the senior leadership of the MSM will not fire themselves or step aside.

After all, they have too much important work to do, like hardening Trump voters and creating widespread sympathy for him all the while continuing to diminish themselves.

Well played President-Elect Trump.

Well played.

Dan Perrin is the founder of the HSA Coalition.

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