How Senior WH Staff and Advisors Served Trump and Pence Poorly and Completely FUBARed the Pandemic Response

The fundamental, foundational, systemic error made by the groupthink gripped White House Coronavirus Task Force has been their misunderstanding of what a pandemic means.

The word pandemic means everyone will be infected.

It may take a year or two or three or more, but everyone will be infected with the virus.

Everyone on Earth has been infected with the 1918 flu that killed 50 million people.

Nothing can stop being infected.

Even a vaccine infects you, so you produce antibodies.

And the notion that rising infection rates are a bad thing, implies that the infection can be stopped.

It can’t be stopped.

It can be slowed.

But the economic, psychological, and political costs to the American public of slowing something down you can’t stop — are so very, very high, that it appears the pandemic will cost Trump his re-election.

And the cacophony of advisors who have been telling Trump and Pence that these extremely high political and economic costs of slowing something that can’t be stopped, are worth it, very simply, should be fired, put out to pasture and never, ever listened to again.

So much pain and suffering could have been avoided if the White House had used the asymptomatic numbers from the beginning and at the very get-go, been crystal clear with the public that everyone, sooner or later, will be infected.

Using the asymptomatic numbers from the beginning would have made clear and allowed everyone to understand the risks of the virus are very low.

Once people understand and have internalized the fact that they will be infected sooner or later, the weeks of bizarre and destructive risk-averse behavior, which has been WIDESCREEN throughout the country (and had its roots in the White House Coronavirus Task Force) can finally end.

And using the asymptomatic numbers, which is the scientifically correct way to compute the mortality rate, if re-inforced over and over and over, will finally drive home the low risks of the virus, so schools can open and people can understand basic facts, like, 100,000 infections a day means that it will take 8.99 years to infect all Americans.

Let’s reinforce risk-appropriate behavior, not extreme, destructive risk-averse behavior by people who are fruitlessly attempting to prevent the inevitable.

Two international studies had reinforced the groupthink-rejected notion of immunity through infection, as detailed here, in Reason magazine — but you will never hear the WH Coronavirus Task Force discussing the three different antibodies that bind to COVID-19 spikes or the role of killer T-cells among those without antibodies.



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