HHS Sec. Azar: There’s a federal investigation into Pennsylvania nursing home ravaged by coronavirus

From The Washington Examiner:

PITTSBURGH — U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said a federal investigation is underway into the Brighton Rehab and Wellness Center in Beaver County as he was in western Pennsylvania on Friday to meet with the commissioners regarding their concerns.

“It is important that all of our states take this seriously,” Azar said of the need to protect nursing homes from the ravages of COVID-19.

To date, the Pennsylvania Department of Health data shows 368 residents at the Beaver County nursing home tested positive for coronavirus, and 76 have died. Thirty-one employees have also tested positive. Two weeks ago, the National Guard was called in to help.

Pennsylvania has reported 5,265 COVID-19 deaths, of which 3,469, or about two-thirds, occurred in nursing homes.

In neighboring New York state, the death toll in nursing homes and adult care facilities is now over 6,000.

Azar, a Johnstown native, was in western Pennsylvania to discuss the matter with Beaver County officials, as well as to meet with local business and hospital leaders at PPG Industries to listen to their concerns and desires for getting their employees safely back to work.

In the exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner, Azar discussed the plight of rural hospitals, the need to return to abbreviated normal at churches and schools, the return of college and university life, and how prepared the administration is if there is a second wave this fall.

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