GOP Silence in the Face of The Seditious Bastard’s Statements Convinced Voters the GOP Agreed Him

If you are a voter and you see that the former President of the United States writes in a social media post that he should be “installed” as President “immediately,” in the middle of President Biden’s term — and then the GOP says nothing — what do you think?

The GOP does not mock The Seditious Bastard.

The GOP does not call out The Seditious Bastard.

The GOP just stands there at The Seditious Bastard’s rallies and waves, smiles and encourages, and goes along with The Seditious Bastard.

The voters would not be wrong to think that the GOP is afraid of pushing back on Trump.

Or, the voters would not be wrong to conclude the GOP agrees with The Seditious Bastard’s statement that he should be “installed” as President “immediately.”

As my mentor J. Patrick Rooney would say when he agrees with something but is silent, “you don’t here me objecting, do you?”

This is just a single example of how and why voters likely believed the GOP agreed with The Seditious Bastard.

And why these voters ran, screaming from one of the strongest historical precedents in our political system — the party not in power in the WH wins big in Congress, especially in the House, in the midterm elections.

So, will the GOP mock and push back the next time Trump says or does something like insisting he be “installed” as President “immediately”?

Or will they look complicit and be silent, like they agree with The Seditious Bastard?

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