Gingrich in Newsweek: Come November, Biden will Implode

Newt Gingrich in Newsweek:

Why am I so certain Biden will melt?

First, Biden has always been a terrible candidate, and he is getting worse. When the people shift from the COVID-19 disaster, the Chinese Communist dictatorship’s horrible behavior and the economic collapse brought about by the panic, they will suddenly encounter the real Biden. It will be painfully clear that he could never function as commander-in-chief. In fact, Biden’s personal weaknesses are so deep and so obvious that there is a chance the Democrats will dump him at the last moment out of desperation.

Second, the Obama-Biden record will come into contrast with the Trump administration record. On the economy, the pre-coronavirus Trump unemployment rates—the best in over 50 years and for African Americans and Latinos the best in history—will be a devastating contrast to the Obama-Biden slow-growth, high-unemployment record. On protecting Americans, the hostile reaction of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Biden and others when Trump moved to cut off flights from China will look totally wrong in light of what has happened (69 percent currently support the president’s travel ban on China). On pandemic preparation, the Obama-Biden record of cutting such spending in 2014 and failing to replace the N95 masks after the H1N1 influenza virus will undercut Biden’s critique of the Trump approach. On defense and foreign policy, former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates’ critique (after serving both Bush and Obama) that Biden has been wrong on every major defense issue in his career will come back to haunt him. Defending the Biden record will endlessly keep him on the defensive after mid-August (when the campaign will really begin).

Third, Biden’s ideology is so far to the left that, once the campaign focuses on it, he will become less and less acceptable (as will House and Senate Democrats, who will hit their high-water mark of acceptability in midsummer). Consider just this handful of indefensible Pelosi-Biden positions:

By 79 percent to 21 percent, Americans believe they have the right to control who comes into the country (this number is pre-pandemic);

By 76 percent to 15 percent, Americans believe you should be legally in the United States to get government services;

By 57 percent to 36 percent, Americans want to keep the Hyde amendment, which blocks using taxpayer money for abortions;

Only 13 percent of Americans believe abortion should be legal even up to the date of birth;

Only 15 percent of Americans favor allowing prisoners convicted of any crime to vote in prison;

Only 26 percent of Americans favor paying reparations to descendants of slavery while 68 percent oppose.

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