FOX News will Lose their Trial, and be Forced to Pay — Hopefully Multiple Billions

FOX NEWS is a craven, irresponsible, and greedy network that put the American tradition of peaceful transition of government and free and fair elections in peril.

FOX NEWS should be forced to pay so much in damages, they break.

Can hardly wait.

Bullshit peddlers who have been caught out.

Dominion should not let FOX NEWS settle.

Dominion should humiliate FOX NEWS by forcing them to trial.

FOX  NEWS will lose, and they will have to pay much, much more by judgment, and they will be hurt much, much more — but even if the judgment is such it forces FOX NEWS to end (which is not likely) it will not be even remotely close to the damage FOX NEWS did to the United States.

No judgment against FOX NEWS, no matter how high, will be high enough, in my view.

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