Ferrari Leads the Way with Anti-body Testing to get Back-to-Work

Ferrari Leads the Way:

MARANELLO, Italy—Ferrari NV’s normally bustling factory and headquarters here stood mostly deserted earlier this week, except for the line of employees waiting to have their blood drawn and tested for coronavirus antibodies.

The workers, most of them dressed in Ferrari-red factory outfits, stood at least three feet apart as they filed into the company’s medical offices. There, health care workers drew blood for the tests. Eight hours later, they were to be notified of the result of the so-called antibody, or serology, tests—designed to identify people who have been infected with the coronavirus and developed antibodies to it.

…Half of Ferrari’s 4,000 employees had been tested for the antibodies by the end of the day on Thursday and most of the remainder are expected to be tested before they come back to work. Less than 1% of those tested so far have come back positive for the coronavirus antibodies. While the relatively low rate could indicate that the vast majority of Ferrari’s workforce never had the virus, it could also point to the limits of the test’s efficacy. Some public health experts have forecast that the percent of the population in northern Italy that has been infected is many times higher. Ferrari said the two figures aren’t comparable because there are many variables that can influence infection rates.

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