Fascinating HSA Results from the Best Annual Benefits Survey

The best annual benefits survey in the United States, conducted by United Benefit Advisors, yesterday reported some fascinating results:


  • The average health insurance premium in 2007 increased by 7.4 percent
  • First year HSA and HRA plan premiums decreased by 7.9 percent
  • HMO participation continues to slip, and now represents just 21.3 percent of plans offered, with only 13.3 percent of employees enrolled
  • HSAs and HRAs will overtake HMOs as a percentage of the insured market next year
  • HSA and HRA plan numbers increased by 43 percent from last year
  • These plans now comprise nearly 13 percent of all plans offered by employers
  •  The percentage of employees enrolled in these plans nearly doubled, from six percent in 2007 to 11.2 percent this year.


Average Employer HSA Contribution:


  • In 2008, the average employer contribution to an HSA was $642 for a single and $1,053 for family coverage.


Employer and Employee Costs:


  • The average annual health plan cost per employee is $7,327, with employees paying $3,210 and employers footing the bill for the remaining $4,117.
  • Average monthly premiums for all plans were $370 for single coverage and $901 for family.


Other trends:


“Across the board, we’re seeing a trend toward employee empowerment and participation when it comes to health care,” said Stafford, UBA’s vice president of member services. “They’re taking more control over health care expenditures, by increasing participation in CDHPs, and they are also realizing that there are financial benefits – in addition to health benefits – of participating in wellness programs.”


About the Survey:


“With responses from 18,019 health plans sponsored by 12,860 employers nationwide who employ more than 1.9 million people and insure approximately 4.4 million people, the 2008 UBA Health Plan Survey is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive survey of plan design and plan costs. With nearly 10 percent more respondents than the 2007 survey, this year’s survey represents another record level of employer participation.”


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