Excerpts from Erickson’s “Against Poo Flinging Monkeys”

Erickson’s Against Poo-Flinging Monkeys can be read here and is quoted, in part, below:

There’s not a single damn independent voter in America who is going to look at this and think, “Oh my gosh, I so regret voting Democrat in November.” In fact, most independent voters think both parties are already corrupt and play the system to their advantage. In 2016, Donald Trump pointed it all out and voters loved him for it. This is just more of that and won’t accomplish anything.

The GOP lost 13% of its own voters in the general election and a majority of independent voters. It is the first election in five where the independents sided with the incumbent president’s party. The areas of the country where the independents sided with the GOP were areas where the GOP did not run poo-flinging monkeys intent on making spectacles of themselves while screaming about 2020.

What a stupid, stupid thing to do. This is basically a big middle finger to the independents who just rejected the GOP because these voters were afraid they’d be handing the GOP over to “own the lib” poo flingers instead of responsible adults who actually want to govern.

….It is utterly predictable and exactly why 13% of the GOP and a majority of independents voted Democrat because they’re exhausted by the “own the libs” b.s. by the GOP and the poo-flinging monkeys who bang away at keyboards without accomplishing anything.

And if you really, really, really want to do a Hunter Biden investigation, why the hell did you make it your first big announcement? Lack of impulse control? You just stepped on your own narrative.

Republicans needed to send a signal on day one that they received the voters’ message and will focus on the economy, energy, crime, and the border. Instead, their very first big announcement is investigating the Biden family via Hunter Biden’s laptop.

That will play well in conservative media and conservative bro Twitter. But the GOP already has those voters. Many reading this will cheer on the investigation into Hunter Biden and claim I don’t get it. But I do get it. They decided to scratch an itch of the hardcore base — a base they already have and will not lose — instead of responding to the voters’ message.

The House GOP decided to become poo-flinging monkeys. They’ll just throw crap out there for the spectacle of it and remind Americans their judgment of the party on election night was right.

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