Ever the Political Innovator, Senator Sanders Uses All he Learned on the Campaign Trail to Introduce a New Medicare for All Bill

From The Huffington Post:

This new iteration of “Medicare for All” legislation looks a lot like the previous one, which the independent Vermont senator introduced in the fall of 2017. It envisions a government insurance plan that would pay for all medical services with almost no out-of-pocket expenses, making it more comprehensive than either traditional Medicare or employer policies.

The latest version of Medicare for All also includes coverage of home health aides, job counselors, and other supports that allow disabled and elderly people to live on their own, outside of nursing homes or other institutions.

Funding for the legislation would have to come through some combination of taxes and fees, in lieu of what employers and individuals pay for insurance today, with government regulating the prices of prescription drugs, hospital services and every other type of health care service in order to keep the program’s overall costs manageable.

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