Erickson’s Substack Urging Romney to back Lee is a Perfect Example of the Blind Spot the GOP has Regarding Trump

Erick Woods-Erickson allowed me to post whenever I wanted to the front page of RedState during the ObamaCare wars in the year or so prior to its passage.

I like Woods-Erickson.

He and I have grave concerns about Trump, or The Seditious Bastard, as I call him.

Regardless, regarding this blog post, I have not ever spoken to Romney, have not donated to Romney, and have no relationship with his staff or anyone in Romney’s orbit.   I am merely speculating here, on my own.

Specifically, about Wood-Erickson’s substack post about the fact that Romney will not endorse Lee, and that the reality is that Lee needs Romney voters to win.

Apparently, Lee needing Romney to win is a lesson that is dawning on the entire Republican party right now.

Yes, Lee needs Romney to win, even in Utah.

Here is what I believe is a strong reason Romney is sitting on his hands right now.

It has been my personal experience, that I have had many, many, many conversations with Republicans who have mocked, dismissed, and otherwise violently argued with me about my concerns about Trump, and responded with their undying support for Trump.

They would not listen.

They were actively not listening.

They refuse to see the Bananization-of-the-Republic by Trump.

They would not give the slightest consideration to these views, these views were contemptible to the Trumpets.

My guess is that Senator Romney had the same experience and under no circumstances can support anyone who even entertained backing Trump in his sedition and lies and fraud, and violations of his oath to the US Constitution, by trying to overturn the election results — all while Trump refused to go to court to do it because he had no evidence and lost 62 cases, many before Trump appointed justices.

Despite all of this, and all that has followed, the GOP has sat, in the main, on its hands.

Has the Republican party forsaken The Seditious Bastard?

Has the Republican party called out The Seditious Bastard’s demand to be “installed” as President “immediately,” which is a clarion (and insane) cry to his QAnon supporters?

Has the Republican party, in the main, backed up the FBI and law enforcement over The Seditious Bastard’s (TSB) classified document hoard?

Sure Pence had backed the FBI, but virtually every Republican, with the exception of Representative Cheney and Rep. Kinzinger, have sat silently — as if none of this is going to impact the mid-term elections.

They have a blind spot and are in pure, unadulterated denial.

The GOP blind spot is also a tin ear — they don’t hear the members of their own party who have red-line-can’t-cross-it concerns about TSB, and given that the GOP in the main have and will continue to be silent, what will these anti-Trump voters do, since their party is actively not listening.

So, then the voters have to send the GOP a message, teach them what it means to ignore the follies of The Seditious Bastard, what it means to not call those follies and crimes out.

Just like in Alaska against Palin.

Maybe in Utah, against Lee.

To be clear, Lee did not back Trump’s claims about the election.

But Lee did not condemn them, knowing full well TSB had no evidence of fraud that would stand up in court.

Romney not supporting Lee is just the beginning of the price the GOP will pay for not forsaking The Seditious Bastard.

When the GOP does not take back the House, then TSB will be a three-time loser — first the race against Biden, then the two Senate seats in Georgia, and now, this cycle, not taking the Senate or the House.

Rep. Cheney was voted out of leadership, then primaried and lost.

The same thing happened to most of the House members who voted to impeach TSB.

Now, people all over the GOP are waking up to the fact that the same voters who back these who were run out of the Party, who stood up to Trump and have grave concerns about TSB — are the same voters the GOP needs to win elections — even in Utah.

Oh my.

And the Romney voters are the voters that the GOP refuses to speak to publicly, or even acknowledge their concerns and ultimately, as we see over and over, will not call out The Seditious Bastard — but hunt down and throw out of the party those who agree with these voters.


Too bad elements of the GOP carried out the scorched earth campaign against anyone inside the GOP who stood up and called out The Seditious Bastard and his crimes.

And these same napalm-the-non-Trumpers think there will be no blowback?

No response?

That everyone will just line up and back the Trumpists, after what they did to elected officials with the courage to impeach TSB, after what TSB has done to embarrass and harm our country?

They will line up and vote for the Trumpets?

Yeah, uh, No.

What is truly ironic is that TSB is urging his Trumpets not to vote for the GOP candidate in Colorado because he is a RINO and is too independent of Trump — but does the GOP call out TSB?

One senator says something like, it’d be too bad if our guy lost because of what Trump said.  Really?  That’s it?

But everyone wants Romney to back Lee — no double standard here, none at all.

Just another example of the GOP telling non-Trumpers they are not welcome.

Imagine if they actually took that to heart at the ballot box?

It won’t be long now, less than three weeks to election day.

But, here is why I think the Dems keep the Senate and the House.


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