Ending the Byrd Rule on Reconciliation would not Kill the Filibuster, just Hog-Tie It and Gag it During Reconciliation

The Dem counter to the Senate Parliamentarian making the call that proposed immigration changes to the Senate Reconciliation bill will not be allowed because of the “Byrd Rule,” then I expect, the next rule change advocated in the Senate will be to eliminate the Byrd Rule.

Essentially, when you boil it all down to the simplest explanation, the Byrd Rule means there is no legislation on a reconciliation bill if the proposed change in the policy outweighs the budgetary impact.

The Senate Parliamentarian is the arbiter of this call, and there is no appeal unless the Senate votes by a simple majority to override the Parliamentarian’s decision.

Since the U.S. Senate runs on precedent, this would set a new precedent that would constitute a change in the rules, effectively ending the “Byrd Rule.”

However, some GOP sources say the Dems in the Senate are very happy with the Parliamentarian’s call because the Dems cannot bring themselves to tell their base they do not have the 50 Dem votes in the Senate they need for the immigration changes they were proposing to put into the reconciliation bill.

This view, that the Dems don’t have the votes, cannot be confirmed unless there is a vote in the Senate.

And given what the Parliamentarian just said, there will be no vote or no amendment, unless the Dems want to use this issue (assuming they have 50 votes) to end the Byrd rule.

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