Elon Musk mobilizes a small army of tech elites behind reopening society

By the Washington Post via the San Francisco Gate:

“Time to free us for the sake of progress,” wrote investor Adam Draper, managing director of the firm Boost VC, in a post retweeted by Musk.

To support the idea of getting back to work before shelter-in-place orders are over, Draper cited a widely read essay by prominent investor and Facebook board member Marc Andreessen called “It’s Time to Build,” but Andreessen’s argument was more about a return to investing in infrastructure and ambitious projects. His firm, Andreessen Horowitz, recently closed its second fund to invest in cryptocurrency.

“Elon Musk is a national treasure,” Andreessen said through a spokesperson.

Jason Calacanis, an early investor in numerous companies including Uber, wrote that the decision to remain home should be left to individuals.

“People already have this right, the government is simply lobbying folks to stay home, but they can’t keep them there,” he said on Twitter, another post Musk retweeted.

Tesla investor Ross Gerber also joined Musk in critiquing the orders following the CEO’s missive, pressing California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, on the side effects of the orders on mental health and families.

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