ELITE SUPER SHOCK: NYT Cell Phone Data Shows Mitigation FAIL

At what point do the hand-wringers and lock-downers admit defeat?

Is it when 70% of the public are hunkering down and staying at home to ‘slow the spread?’

Is it when only 60% of the public is in self-quarantine?

How about half the population is quarantined and half isn’t?

Or how about only 40% are hunkered-down and the other 60% are out and about engaging in non-sanctioned activities?

Or how about the real number last week: 36% are staying home — meaning about two-thirds of Americans are not obeying the stay-at-home, ‘slow the spread,’ orders.

At what point does Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, and the mitigation-until-a-vaccine-shows-up crowd admit defeat?

See the cell phone data from the New York Times.


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