Despite All the Talk about a Discharge Petition to Force a Vote on a Bill to Provide Aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan — None Exists to Sign

A discharge petition, under certain complicated conditions, can force a vote on the House floor on a bill that the discharge petition is attached to — and any discharge petition needs 217 signatures, which are pledges to vote yes, for the discharge petition to begin the process of moving to consideration and a vote on the House floor.

All the Democrats and two Republicans, or enough Republicans who sign to make up the number of Democrats who don’t, plus two more, would total 217 signatures.

The petition is an actual document that Members of Congress must sign. It is not a virtual process; it is pen and paper.

And as of this afternoon on March 11th, despite all the talk of a discharge petition to force a vote to provide aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan — no such discharge petition exists for Members of Congress to sign.

Therefore, those who have publicly advocated using a discharge petition to vote on Ukrainian aid, have yet to put one forth to sign.

Perhaps they are waiting for negotiations to conclude, which were reportedly underway, and link border security provisions to Ukrainian aid.

Given that Trump will not support any border bill before the election, and effectively killed such a bill in the Senate, and given the news that Trump will not give one penny to Ukraine, according to Hungary’s leader whom Trump just met with — it seems any negotiations, even if successful with the Democrats — Trump will kill the bill.

Regardless, Speaker Johnson has made no assurances he will bring a Ukraine aid bill to the floor.

Therefore, it is clear that those who want aid to Ukraine in any sense of a timely fashion will have to actually create and sign a discharge petition for Members of Congress to sign and begin the process of building up enough signatures to eventually force a vote.

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) and others have been talking about a discharge petition, but have not released one.

Given there is no discharge petition to sign, and negotiations, even if they succeed will be killed off by Trump, then we are long, long way off from any aid to Ukraine, indeed.

The status quo of no aid to Israel, Ukraine or Taiwan will remain, until a discharge petition to force a vote is put forth, and it achieves 217 signature.


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