Dems Push All their Election Chips in on Health Care: Political Arms Go Big

From USA Today:

WASHINGTON – The campaign arms for Democrats, from the presidential contest and congressional races to state legislatures and gubernatorial elections, have centered their focus on a single issue they expect will lead them to victory in November: health care.

Though Democrats have consistently focused on health care as a major issue in the fall elections, coronavirus upped the stakes and thrust the topic even more into the spotlight as more than 1.5 million Americans have tested positive for COVID-19 and more than 91,000 have died from it.

In a six-page memo shared with USA TODAY, the Democratic National Committee – along with campaign arms for Democratic senators, representatives, governors, attorneys general and state legislatures – outlined a top-to-bottom effort to highlight health care in races across the country in addition to GOP-led efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

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