DEMpire Strikes Back: Recanvas in Iowa would Delay Results until After New Hampshire Vote

From Politico:

“Several Iowa Democrats who spoke to POLITICO on the condition they not be identified said that even if a recanvass took place, the results would almost certainly not come through until after New Hampshire’s primary.”

Let’s face it, the DEMpire rode the Iowa Party hard and put them away wet. They took out Sander’s momentum and ended Iowa’s position as a lead state for future primaries.

Obviously, for the DEMpire, Iowans are too difficult to control.

This has caused blowback for DNC Chair Tom Perez, again, from Politico:

Perez isn’t just facing blowback from state party officials. At a Wednesday meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus, members had a free-wheeling, 45-minute venting session about the DNC and Perez. The CBC is weighing whether to send a letter to Perez listing their grievances with his leadership, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge, and a growing number of black lawmakers are itching for Perez’s ouster after Iowa.

“I’m concerned about who owned Shadow [the company behind the failed app], who the investors are, [and] if they are Democratic operatives then that probably went toward the push to pick that app,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.).

Perez’s leadership is “virtually nonexistent,” Thompson continued. “It’s just a matter of time before he’s going to go.”

It’s not just the Sanders folks who got burned by the DEMpires operations to stop Sanders’ momentum, but it is also many in the Democratic Party whose frustrations at being embarrassed nationally and that their sense of fair play has been violated.

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