Democrats consider ending the filibuster in 2021 if they take Senate, White House


For decades, the 60-vote threshold has been a mechanism to facilitate compromise between the parties in the Senate, and served as one of several checks to distinguish the chamber from the House of Representatives.

But a growing number of Democrats have grown frustrated with the procedural hurdle, which has stymied repeated efforts to push gun control and comprehensive immigration reform in recent years.

While the Senate was envisioned as a place to “cool” the legislative actions of the House, just as a saucer is meant to cool hot tea, according to an alleged comment attributed to George Washington, “there is a huge difference between a cooling saucer and a deep freeze,” Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Oregon, who is leading intraparty discussions on the topic, told ABC News.

Critics of the potential change have warned that ending the filibuster would lead to one party undoing legislation from the other every time control of the Senate flipped.

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