Democrats Are Reaping The ‘Whirlwind’ Kavanaugh Warned About

The Federalist:

It was a terrifying mob, the worst kind of feeding frenzy many Americans had ever witnessed. Democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee accepted each claim, no matter how outlandish. After Swetnick’s obviously ridiculous claim, all committee Democrats called for the immediate withdrawal of Kavanaugh’s nomination.

It all culminated with reopened hearings in which Blasey Ford publicly accused Kavanaugh, still with no evidence, and Kavanaugh fought to defend himself. In a lengthy opening statement, he reminded the gathered how they had publicly opposed him from the moment of his nomination, with Schumer saying publicly he would oppose Kavanaugh with everything he’s got. Another senator called Kavanaugh evil and said those who supported him were “complicit in evil.”

I understand the passions of the moment, but I would say to those senators, your words have meaning. Millions of Americans listen carefully to you. Given comments like those, is it any surprise that people have been willing to do anything to make any physical threat against my family, to send any violent e-mail to my wife, to make any kind of allegation against me and against my friends. To blow me up and take me down.

You sowed the wind. For decades to come, I fear that the whole country will reap the whirlwind.

The media and other partisans were enraged by Kavanaugh’s remarks. “Brett Kavanaugh just got remarkably angry — and political,” opined the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake. The New Yorker’s Benjamin Wallace-Wells editorialized that Kavanaugh had given an “Angry, Partisan, Trump-Like Opening Statement.” His successful renunciation of the charges was evidenced by his opponents coalescing around a new talking point that he was too upset at the false accusation he was a serial gang rapist.

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