Dem View that Trump is Illegitimate is at the Root of Impeachment Push

by Administrator
November 2, 2019

It all began with Hillary Clinton, Hours after She Conceded to Trump

Hillary Clinton is at the very root of the view of Democrats that Trump’s Presidency is illegitimate.

First, Hillary’s refusal to acknowledge the U.S. Constitution’s Electoral College system is on display every time Hillary insists on repeating over and over, that she won the popular vote, and secondly, that she won the election.

But the narrative that has sealed the fate of the Democrat’s impeachment narrative was Hillary’s insistence that “Russian interference,” caused her to lose the election.

In the minds of the Democrats, connecting the dots of illegitimacy and Russian involvement spawned the Mueller special prosecutor appointment.

And when Mueller predictably did not indite the Democrats were left holding a big nothing burger, consensus solidified that the Democratic impeachment efforts are motivated their inability to tolerate other political views.

Hillary began to de-legitimize the Trump Presidency since the morning after the election, mostly out of pride, since she had an internal imperative to create a convincing narrative about why she lost.

And then it is a short walk to impeachment, which is simply another tool to try and overturn the election.

The Democrats want Trump out in any manner whatsoever, and their fears that they will lose the next Presidential election are fueling their politically toxic impeachment. The Democrats simply cannot stand Trump being President and will do anything to try and evict him from the White House, as long as it does not include having another election.

There is no chance the Republicans in the Senate will vote to convict Trump, and one Senate Democrat has already announced he will vote against impeachment, meaning there is less than zero chance of a conviction.

And yet the Dems continue even at the risk of a significant and on-going self-inflicted political wound.

They really are not thinking clearly.

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