Contrary to Trumpist Spin that Cheney’s Loss is “Good for the Republican Party” — It Actually Means the GOP will Lose the House and Senate in the Mid-terms

Irrationalism reigns now in the United States Republican party.

It can be most clearly seen in this video of Mollie Hemmingway insisting the Republican party is better off without Representative Cheney:

This is good for the Republican party heading into 2022 and 2024. They are a big tent party, multi-racial, working class. It’s good news for the Republican party.

Hemmingway, like other Trumpists, blithely equates Cheney’s loss with the triumph of Trumpism.

In fact, a significant portion of the 30% of Republicans who voted for Cheney can be described as the anti-Trump wing of the Republican party.

In Wyoming.

Not the suburbs in Orange County, but 30% of Wyoming voters were at Yes, for Cheney.

Hemmingway talks as if the defeat of Cheney is some great surgical removal of, as she puts it, the “Bush-Cheney-Romney-McCain” wing of the Republican party.

I did not know that 30% of Wyoming voters were the”Bush-Cheney-Romney-McCain” wing of the Republican party.  I’d say they were the anti-Trump wing of the party.

But, let’s take Hemmingway at her word.

Try winning the House and Senate without a significant portion of the anti-Trump voters.

My working assumption is at least a third or more of the anti-Trump voters will crawl over broken glass to prevent election liars and constitution suborners from being elected.

Holding your nose is not an option in these mid-terms.  They may not vote or even vote Democratic party to send the Republican-party-gone-irrational a clear message.

You can’t win being irrational.

Too bad Hemmingway dismisses the serious Constitutional and future-of-the-country concerns of Cheney voters, as if these voters need to be, and should be ignored.

We will see what her dismissive back-of-the-hand attitude, combined with her view that Cheney’s-loss-is-good — will bring on election day.

In the meantime, Hemmingway is celebrating, which is, I think, irrational (yay! We lost 30% of likely GOP voters!).

Best. News. Ever.

And now Matt Dowd is saying the Dems pick up seats in the Senate and control of the House is a coin toss.

But be warned, Trumpists, here is a FAKE NEWS ALERT: Tucker Carlson says GOP Control of the House and Senate are not Guaranteed and “right now, the numbers don’t support” a GOP takeover.

OH, that.

Even Alex Jones has bailed on Trump.

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