Cillizza: Warren “has almost tripled her support” in Iowa since Dec. 2018, Biden “has lost support in each of the four DMR/CNN polls since Dec. 2018”

* Warren gained 7 points from the June DMR/CNN poll and has almost tripled her support in the state from a December 2018 poll. Biden, meanwhile, has lost support in each of the four DMR/CNN polls between December 2018 and now. And Sanders dropped 5 points from just June until now.*

Her favorable numbers in the poll also make clear how much energy and passion is behind her candidacy presently. Three-quarters of those polled had a favorable view of her, including a whopping 44% who had a “very favorable” opinion. That compares very favorably to the 29% who view Biden very favorably and the 26% who feel that same way about Sanders.

* Warren is the first or second choice of 42% of those polled. That’s well in front of Biden (30% first/second combined), Sanders (21%), South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg (18%) and California Sen. Kamala Harris (16%).

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