California has Only 200 Wuhan Virus Test Kits on Hand

From CNBC:

California health officials have 200 testing kits on hand and will be receiving more over the next few days, Newsom said.

“We have just a few hundred testing kits and that’s surveillance testing as well as diagnostic testing. That’s simply inadequate to do justice to the kind of testing that is required to address this issue head on,” he said.

Newsom said that the CDC has made “firm commitments” to improve the state’s testing capacity, but did not provide details, such as how many testing kits the agency has agreed to send to the state.

If patients with a fever who are testing negative for the normal respiratory illnesses then they should be tested for the Wuhan virus — except, they can’t be, because the U.S. has no test kits available or so few that only the very sick are getting tested, leaving many potential sick walking around or being at home with the Wuhan virus, except they don’t know they have the virus.

The lack of testing kits flys in the face of all known ways to fight a pandemic — the first being early detection of those infected.

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