Britain: Giving up on the ‘herd immunity’ strategy

From The New York Post:

“Keep calm and carry on”: In the past few years, the words have been everywhere, on kitschy posters, bags, greetings cards and — inevitably — teacups. First coined by the government at the outset of World War II, the motto is supposed to sum up the British response to crisis: a quiet refusal to panic, a light dash of self-deprecating humor.

Of course, getting through a real crisis is never quite that simple.

It’s unfair to say that the UK government’s coronavirus strategy has been to keep calm and carry on. But for the past week, there has been more carrying-on than in most countries. Last Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he wouldn’t ban big sporting events. People with a cough or a fever should stay in for seven days, but that was all. Schools would stay open.

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