Both Dems and GOP are In Denial Over the Next 24 Months of the Pandemic: Please Tell me What Exactly will Stop R.1, MU or Lambda?

The Republican Party sees the arrogance of man in the Democratic party’s faith and non-stop insistence on being vaccinated.

The Democratic Party sees the Republican’s pushback on vaccines as naive and anti-science.

The Republican Party sees the pandemic as a policy the Democratic Party is exploiting for political, socialistic goals.

The Democratic Party sees the Republicans, individually, refusing to act collectively for the good of the country and economy.

The Republican Party believes the Democratic Party is fearful and over-reacting about the threat of the pandemic.

The Democratic Party believes the Republicans don’t take the pandemic seriously and are downplaying the threat.

If what I believe will happen regarding the pandemic actually happens, both parties will have to adjust their view of reality and make political and policy accommodations to the pandemic, and Covid, which does not give a wit about pandemic political divisions in the United States.

The New Variant R.1 from Japan

The collective shrillness of the bended-knee of extreme fidelity to vaccines will end in the media as a Covid variant, likely R.1 from Japan, infects the double vaccinated at will.  In a little-noticed Forbes article, it was reported:

A new variant has been detected in a Kentucky nursing home, infecting 45 residents and health care personnel. Many of these infections arose in fully vaccinated individuals.

Given that the vast majority of health care workers and senior citizens — especially those in nursing homes — are double vaccinated,  it would be safe to assume eighty percent of those infected by R.1 in the Kentucky nursing home were double vaccinated.

If, as I strongly suspect, by the latter third of October the R.1 variant is continuing to infect the double vaccinated along with the non-vaccinated, the limits of the “arrogance of man” surrounding the great holy grail of vaccines will be writ large for all to see.

Of course, the answer is to create a vaccine for R.1, and if one existed, I’d take it too, just like I took my two Moderna shots.

And we will all have to endure the unvaccinated who will point to the R.1 and MU Covid infections that burn through the vaccinated population as proof that their decision to not be vaccinated was correct.

While the you-must-be-vaccinated crowd will be somewhat befuddled by these two (or other) variants burning through the vaccinated population, the reality is that prior to a vaccine for R.1 or MU, both the vaccinated and unvaccinated will achieve immunity through the only two ways possible without a vaccine, infection or death.

The Vaccine Faithful will have a Psychic Break

The vaccines are our savior crowd, will have a psychic break when this happens.  The angst and grinding and gnashing of teeth will be widescreen.

Over time, the limits of virus avoidance as a strategy to contain it has also penetrated the American psyche, and the coming infections of the vaccinated will further accentuate these limitations.

Of course, the American public is beginning to understand that no one will avoid contact with the virus, everyone will be exposed and ultimately, everyone will be infected.

The inability of politicians to go full-lock down, even in the face of an R.1 and /or MU displacement of Delta will also be apparent.  The negative political consequences will be unbearable.

Further, more help will be needed for everyone as insurers will not be able to cover deductibles or co-pays any longer, since the pandemic will last well into 2023, hopefully ending mid-summer.

But there will be economic consequences.

There will be no RTO (Return To Office) in early, mid or late 2022.

Individuals who are able will lock themselves down.

Schools will likely remain open because kids and parents simply can’t take it for another year and certainly not for the 2023 school year as well.

And the housing bubble will continue to burst because the part where everyone who has the financial resources to up and radically change their lives has already happened.

But the economic impact will hit hard and will cause another pandemic bill to keep businesses open who will suffer again from the self-imposed lockdowns that are coming (if not a government-imposed one, if the next phase of this pandemic becomes brutal enough).

Further, the rest of the world will face the same prospects of self-imposed or government-imposed lock-downs because of R.1 and MU or a similar variant.  This will also have a negative impact on the U.S. economy, providing more impetuous for more government relief.

Now, assuming the thought experiment of what I wrote above comes true, then re-read the Republican and Democratic party’s take on the pandemic above, to see who you think wins and who loses politically.  The latest polls say Americans prefer Biden’s leadership on the pandemic over Trump’s, by significant margins.

The ultimate winners politically will be the party that can best pivot to the correct policy and political solutions to the next phase of the pandemic.

The Covid Virus has Superpowers because it was Engineered to have Superpowers

If you are wondering why I so strongly believe the pandemic is not over and we will soon be facing vaccine-resistant variants going widescreen throughout the U.S. (vaccinated and unvaccinated) population, there are two simple reasons:

  1. the Covid virus has superpowers that other viruses do not have because it was engineered by humans to imbue it with those superpowers; and,
  2. the cognoscenti of the medical-industrial complex simply can’t wrap their heads around this fact, and as a result, do not understand, and cannot understand what is inbound this fall and winter.

There is much that is Pollyanna about how the media reports on these two points.  But what is especially Pollyanna, is when the media echo scientists and the CDC when they say that “there is no evidence” of Lamda or MU or R.1 infecting more than 0.1% of the U.S. population and therefore, we don’t have to worry.   Clearly, they say the Delta variant is keeping these other variants at bay,

Is MU and is Lambda and is R.1 as infectious as Delta?  Most say, yes.

And what happens when the population is immune to Delta through infection or vaccine or both?  Delta recedes as the total percentage of those infected, all agree.

And as Delta recedes will Lambda or MU or R.1 recede too?  Or will these viruses have a great field of vaccinated and unvaccinated to infect?

What is going to stop Lambda or MU or R.1?  Clearly, not a vaccine, since one does not exist for these variants.

Will social distancing or mask-wearing stop Lambda or MU or R.1?  Any observer can tell you with certainty the will of the public to go back to social distancing and mask-wearing is far less than it ever was, so no, not that either.

So do the medical cognoscenti just have magical faith that these variants will not take hold, just because?  Because of what, exactly?

What will stop a virus engineered to have superpowers from these mutations going widescreen, just like Delta is doing right now?

My point is simple, for those who say the rise of these or other vaccine-resistant variants will not happen, what exactly is going to stop it?

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