Bloomberg: Biden-Sanders Unity Plans Form Basis of Democratic Party Platform for the Fall

From Bloomberg:

The 80-page draft, obtained by Bloomberg News on Tuesday night, largely hews to Joe Biden’s policy stances and mirrors many of the recommendations proposed by the joint task forces formed by allies of Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders.

After Sanders dropped out of the race, he and Biden formed policy groups in six areas to bridge policy gaps between the more progressive Vermont senator and the more moderate former vice president.

Yet the task forces and the draft platform do not call for some of the progressives’ most sought-after policies such as the Green New Deal or Medicare for All.

The party’s official platform is largely symbolic and does not have any binding impact on a potential Biden administration. Rather, it sketches the broad contours of the policies largely supported by the Democratic Party.

…Specifically, the draft states the party supports securing universal health care by adding a public option to the Affordable Care Act, which has long been Biden’s position on the issue. It also calls for lowering drug prices by taking on the pharmaceutical industry, eliminating racial and gender inequities in health care and protecting women’s reproductive rights.

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