Biden’s Debate Claim about WHO Virus Tests is False

The Federalist:

Biden’s claim was false on many fronts and had previously been debunked on at least two occasions. First, during a March 7, 2020 press briefing, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Stephen Hahn made clear that there were no World Health Organization (WHO) “testing kits.”

Hahn told reporters: “We’ve seen reports about a WHO test, and that WHO is distributing a diagnostic test to countries. And I want to be really clear about this: We’ve been in constant contact with WHO. The WHO does not have its own test that it is distributing globally. It has only posted on its website protocols from some test developers, including our own CDC.”

During the question and answer period that followed, a reporter inquired whether the WHO actually developed a test. “So they don’t actually” develop tests, that is not “their expertise,” Hahn responded. Instead, as Hahn explained, the WHO “act[s] as an information exchange,” and “so if there’s information available regarding a test that’s put on their webpage so that others can, you know, look at that for technical assistance.”

Azar then further corrected the press’s misunderstanding of the WHO rumor. A German lab, the FDA head explained, had “developed a recipe protocol for a lab-developed test [and] [t]he WHO took that and put that out.” “That’s what’s often been called—misleadingly—the WHO test,” Azar said, adding that “they also got the CDC recipe and also put that out.”

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