Biden Leads Trump by 21 Points Among Women — Even More than Hillary Clinton Had

Bloomberg via MSN:

(Bloomberg) — Joe Biden’s lead among women over President Donald Trump is now even larger than Hillary Clinton’s in 2016, according to a weekend poll.

Biden leads Trump by 21 percentage points in an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll published Sunday. Biden has 56% support among female voters compared to Trump’s 35%. NBC exit polls from 2016 had Clinton with a 13 percentage point lead over Trump among women.

The poll also found Biden with double-digit leads among African American voters, 82% to 9%, Latinos, 57% to 33%, voters 18 to 34, 54% to 35%, whites with college degrees and independents, 45% to 35%. Biden had an 8 percentage point lead over Trump among voters 65 and older, 51% to 43%.

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