Biden and Buttiege split Moderate Vote and Warren and Sanders Split the Progressive Vote — What about Bloomberg?

“The first phase of the nomination process is often a game of expectations, based on intangible concepts like buzz, momentum and energy. The second phase, which begins Feb. 3, is about hard numbers, and one number matters far more than the others: 15 percent.

That’s the qualifying level for earning delegates to the Democratic convention, and it is imposed on both the statewide and congressional district level. States award most of their delegates based on a candidate’s performance in individual districts; districts that have more Democratic voters receive more delegates.”

“Three candidates being over 15 is really the thing that creates the likelihood of a brokered convention,” said the veteran Democratic delegate strategist who now expects an inconclusive result. “The reason a brokered convention is more likely than not these days is really Bernie Sanders more than Michael Bloomberg.”

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