Biased Press Does China’s Bidding on the Wuhan Virus

From RCP:

“If we must have an absurd debate on whether it’s racist to refer to the ‘Chinese virus,’ fine, but is it too much to ask that purportedly objective reporters not take a side in that debate?” asked National Review editor Rich Lowry. “Judging from today’s press conference the answer is, ‘Yes, of course it’s too much to ask.’”

What’s particularly obnoxious about the press’s desire to force this debate is that it falls right in line with the Chinese government’s propaganda campaign. Earlier this week, China booted several members of the Western media out of the country for the sin of reporting on the extent of China’s outbreak and the Chinese government’s culpability in covering it up. This was in addition to the Chinese government’s decision in February to expel three Wall Street Journal reporters who were covering the coronavirus.

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