Assuming the GOP Gains Control of the U.S. House — Expect Heavy Doses of Cringe-worthy Chaos

There will be plenty of cringe-worthy chaos as the civil war between the Trumpers and non-Trumpers is fought non-stop.

Trumpers will not want to have anything pass Congress because they will refuse to compromise with the Democrats.

When you don’t compromise on legislation, you get nothing.  Nothing passes.  Nothing is signed into law.

The Trumpers can’t pass what they want, but they can kill virtually everything they don’t want, which is everything else not on their wish list which will be moving in Congress.

Therefore, there will be a continuation of the parliamentary minority style government we have now, when the middle of the road Dems and GOPers vote to fund the government, or hurricane or natural disaster relief, or to send weapons to stop a Hitler figure in Europe, but little else will get done — very little legislation.

No legislation to address economic, social, political, cultural, or military changes in our nation or in the world.

America cannot continue to be a superpower if it cannot update or change its laws as society evolves in all sectors.

Sooner or later, a legislative majority will form or there will be a continued rise in Executive Power — whether Congress likes it or not, if it can’t change laws to address challenges, that power and ability will go elsewhere — it always does and it always will.

There may be some bi-partisan things that pass in 2023, but we don’t know what those things are now, and will not likely know until well into next year.

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