Arrests of Rank and File Military Units in Moscow by Elite Troops and Police is Coup Suppression or Putin Blame Deflection

The Main Directorate of Ukrainian Military Intelligence reports that elite Russian Guard units from outside the city with Moscow police have begun arresting Russian Military officers.

The purpose of these arrests is either to deflect blame from Putin-the-incompetent’s total, and utter failure as Commander-in-Chief of the Russian armed forces, or, to pre-emptively stop a military coup attempt and/or stop an attempt by the military to arrest Putin.

Regardless of what the truth of the arrests is — these arrests of Moscow military personnel do not bode well for Putin.  The officers in Moscow were chosen because of their loyalty to Putin and his inner circle.

Plus, sooner or later, the blame for Putin-the-incompetent’s defeat in Ukraine will land at his feet, regardless of how many subordinates he arrests.

Alternatively, suppression of a military coup attempt or military arrest of Putin means there may be, actually, some kind of system of checks and balances in the Russian form of government, even if it is tribal and at gunpoint.

Regardless of the reasons for the arrests, the message to the West should be clear: the death of Putin-the-incompetent is the only way to end the war in Ukraine.

And as the plea from Orthodox Patriarch Kirill for prayers for Putin’s health indicates, Putin is not well — obviously, to pray for an evil motherf**ker like Putin is beyond the pale, and shows the corruption of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The most certain “off-ramp” or exit from the Russian war in Ukraine, is Putin’s death — either from natural causes or a bullet or poison — will be the ultimate healing of Putin’s sickness, and the sickness he’s inflicted on Russia.

And continued military defeats of the Russian military in Ukraine will hasten his natural and unnatural death.

He is trying so hard to recapture any towns the Ukrainians have taken because he desperately needs a victory to consolidate his leadership position.

And the more Russia is defeated on the battlefield, the more time and effort Putin has to spend protecting himself and staying in power, rather than focusing on his health and the invasion of Ukraine.

Ultimately, the combination of the strain of Putin-the-incompetent’s efforts to stay in power, all while being terminally ill, will hasten his death and hasten the end of the war in Ukraine.

And as the exodus from Crimea shows, Russia will withdraw from all of Ukrainian territory once Putin dies.

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