An optimistic take on the Coronavirus

By Christian Angermayer

Dear Friends,

While I usually insist that my emails are just intended for the ones I sent them to, this time: feel free to share! This email, or the links below. With friends and/or on social media. We need more awareness that we are experiencing a global paranoia.

What I am way more worried about in the meantime than Corona is the strange supersaturation of our time, which gives especially the younger people the desire for the apocalypse. As President Trump didn’t deliver on WW3, and climate change is also not killing us, now it’s Corona….

The tragedy: We are apparently willing the throw away many basic human rights in a heartbeat. This strange lust for dictatorial behavior is a great blueprint for any real dictator in waiting. “Lesson learned”: You just need a good media strategy, and the population will allow you to do almost anything.

  1. The latest number from Germany: 14-15k sick people. But… even the elderly don’t die. Just the ones who are dying anyway soon. Yesterday TWO new corona deaths in Germany. TWO. One had been 95 years old, the other one was about to die from cancer. NO capacity issues in hospitals. None. And no capacity issue on the horizon.
  2. My interview about Chloroquine (German only).
  3. My blog post about some optimistic stats with regards to Covid.
  4. Another Covid PREVENTION suggestion: Quercetin. Its impact on Covid-19 has not yet been properly researched, but the basic mechanism could be similar to Chloroquine, and… it is safe and healthy anyway, so you can take it even if you don’t have symptoms. Widely available as a supplement. You should take it together with Zinc. Falls into the “why not” category….

Btw, this does NOT mean that I am not for reasonable protection: 1-2 weeks of shut down to slow rate of spreading down, prepare hospitals, get medication like Chloroquine ready, etc. And let’s practical physical distancing, wash your hands, etc. Just don’t freak out. No shutdowns longer than 1-2 weeks needed. Let’s not switch from one extreme (no precaution) to the other.

Have a great weekend & stay healthy and especially sane.

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