After 6 months without lockdown, Sweden’s COVID-19 deaths, infections bottom out

From Just the News:

After months without lockdowns, school closures and other mitigation measures widely imposed across the world, Sweden’s coronavirus cases and deaths have fallen to such minimal levels as to revive the debate over its so-called herd immunity strategy.

…And the dramatic drop in new cases and deaths in that country point to a rapidly improving situation there in defiance of many earlier predictions.

The Swedish government has engaged in minimal interventions and imposed relatively few restrictions upon its citizenry for the duration of the pandemic. Yet the so-called “Swedish model” has for months drawn alarm and derision from countless world health authorities. Many have insisted that sweeping, open-ended restrictions on social and economic activity — including lockdowns, strict “social distancing” measures, and mandatory face mask orders — are the only practical methods by which the coronavirus can be halted.

Though there is relatively little evidence to support such measures, many governments — particularly those in Western Europe and the United States — have for several months imposed such orders on their respective citizens, with numerous European heads of state and U.S. governors indicating that these measures may remain in place until an effective vaccine is developed, a process that could take years, if ever, to come to fruition.

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