A Single Senator — Hagerty — Thwarts the Will of 68 Senators, which is More than two-thirds of the Senate

These two tweets sum up the current situation on the Senate floor accurately but doesn’t mention Trump’s threat of primarying any GOP Senator who votes for the bi-partisan infrastructure bill.

Apparently, the 18 GOP Senators who voted for the bill and broke the GOP filibuster, could care less what Trump says:

Senate leaders will likely try again on Saturday to get an agreement to speed up the process, Punchbowl News reported. But any senator including Haggerty could once again block the agreement.

There were some signs of trouble on Thursday evening. Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, the chief Republican vote counter, told reporters earlier in the evening “always bet against the house around here.”

“Things just kind of got bogged down a little bit because there were a number of disagreements,” he later told reporters. “And when somebody doesn’t get their amendment, they put a hold on everything else. And we’ve seen this before, I mean it’s a frequent movie around here.”

A late clash on competing amendments outlining cryptocurrency tax reporting requirements also appeared to play a role slowing down the bill. Two dueling bipartisan groups are fighting over which cryptocurrency brokers will be required to file information with the IRS.

Imagine being so sure of yourself that you tell two-thirds of the Senate you are correct, they are not, so you put them through an unnecessary delay, which will not change the outcome of the final vote?

Senator Hagerty is so myopically focused on his own “righteousness” he is missing the unalterable damage to the filibuster and the current Senate rules that he and his fellow Senators who are misusing the Senate rules to thwart the will of a supermajority (more than two-thirds) Senate — by producing attacks on the filibuster like this, by the once-ever-so-lonely voices defending the filibuster.

Oh, my, to be so sure of yourself that you’d risk doing mortal damage to the filibuster, for what?

To merely delay the will of a super-majority of the Senate — sounds like a real genius play there.

Oblivious and completely not self-aware of the damage to the filibuster that Senator Hagerty is midwiving with his arrogance and stupidity, he thinks himself a hero, answering the call from Trump, the seditious bastard.

Yep, yessiree.

The concept of “fair enough,” the Senate has voted, my position defeated, I will allow the Senate to work its will, those thoughts have been trampled in the U.S. Senate now.

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