A Global and Fundamental Re-Evaluation of China

I have quoted at length (below) an article that sums up the revised and updated and basic view inside the beltway on China, on both sides of the aisle.

Of all the issues that most clearly defines China’s attitude towards the U.S., the two most revealing is the Chinese intelligence services two policies of dumping fentanyl into the U.S. to destabilize our population and make our economy more inefficient, and the cyber pillaging that they have done of American government and corporate secrets, which has gone on unabated, since China promised otherwise.

What is now a wide and consensus view: China cannot be believed in any promise it makes.

The red line version of the trade agreement China sent over before this recent round of tariffs, walking back their concessions, but not giving back any concessions made by the Americans, is a perfect example of how Chinese commitments are now viewed.

Here are some extensive excerpts from Michael Auslin’s recent article that are worth the time to read:

“Beijing has only itself to blame for America’s frustration. China’s leaders are learning that credibility is difficult to rebuild once squandered. After all, Xi promised President Obama that China would not militarize the islands it built in that strategically vital South China Sea, and then promptly did so. China’s president also committed himself to end cybertheft against American companies and individuals, but such digital aggression continues unabated, as does its theft of intellectual property. Beijing has repeatedly said that it will curtail exports of fentanyl to the United States, which have made America’s opioid epidemic exponentially more lethal, yet little has been done…

“It is China’s long-term behavior, though, that has given Mr. Trump the running room to push back. Years of promises have proven hollow, and its newfound national strength is now seen by Americans and others around the world as threatening. Even as countries like Greece and Italy sign on to Xi’s One Belt One Road plan, others, like Poland and Canada, have rallied against Huawei and China’s bullying behavior.

“In the end, Beijing believed it could forever make promises and not deliver. The fatigue engendered by China’s bad faith will not soon dissipate. Instead, America and a good slice of the world are undertaking a fundamental reevaluation of their relations with China. If they now demand that Beijing uphold global norms and cease taking advantage of other nations, start protecting instead of undermining international law, and promote regional stability, then they will present China with a stark choice. Beijing’s answer will determine the course of global politics over the next generation.”

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