95% in a Meat Packing Plant in Arkansas, 88% in a Homeless Shelter Boston — and in Prisons in NC, OH and VA, 96% were Asymptomatic — an Estimated 23% of the U.S. Population has Already been Infected

The high levels of asymptomatic infections between 88% and 92% that have been documented throughout the United States, is yet another piece of evidence in the widespread levels of infection of COVID-19, the virus from the family of common-cold viruses:

The Washington Post reports via the Houston Chronicle:

When researcher Monica Gandhi began digging deeper into outbreaks of the novel coronavirus, she was struck by the extraordinarily high number of infected people who had no symptoms.

A Boston homeless shelter had 147 infected residents, but 88% had no symptoms even though they shared their living space. A Tyson Foods poultry plant in Springdale, Ark., had 481 infections, and 95% were asymptomatic. Prisons in Arkansas, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia counted 3,277 infected people, but 96% were asymptomatic.

Very simply, this means the studies showing that the actual number of infected are between ten and twenty times the number of known infected, appear to be accurate — possibly even low — in the degree of the widespread nature of the actual number and percent of the American population infected with COVID-19.

Known infections as of 8/9/20: 5,041,937

Known infections times 15 for estimated unknown infections: 75,629,055

75,629,055 is 22.9% of the United States population that has been infected.

(75,629,055/329,000,000 x 100 = 22.9%).

Given that antibodies disappear in more than 80% of people within 3 months of being infected, it is possible that this percentage is low since the 10 to 20 times number of actual infected is based on the results of antibody tests, which may have missed people whose antibodies have disappeared before they were tested.

While the shrill media make out disappearing antibodies to be yet another fear-inducing point of their coverage, the fact is, as I have said before, your body’s weapons locker has the design of the needed antibody and will begin 3-D printing them in volume if you are re-infected.

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