Dems Think Big on Health Care Policies in Response to the Pandemic

From Vox, on the Dems understanding and meeting the health care challenges of the pandemic in their own way, with their own policies with proposals they believe will aid the American people:

As many as 27 million Americans may have lost their employer-sponsored health insurance along with their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, according to estimates from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Many of them may be able to maintain health coverage through COBRA or the Obamacare marketplaces or Medicaid. But some number, likely several million people, could end up becoming uninsured in the middle of the public health emergency.

Democrats have come up with a plan to prevent that from ever happening again. The Biden-Sanders unity task force has proposed automatically expanding health coverage during the coronavirus pandemic and all future public health crises.

The task force’s recommendations, which have not yet been officially adopted by the Biden campaign, would set up automatic support programs. These provisions would be triggered by increases and decreases in the unemployment rate. They include an aggressive expansion of Obamacare premium subsidies and a more generous public option plan than previously proposed by the Biden campaign.

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